Piano Courses


You can start music at any age.

You can start piano or go back to it after a break.

I can coach medium or high level students who want to increase their level, or prepare auditions, exams, or competitive examinations.

I help students to improve on posture, hand positioning, technique, relaxation on the instrument, music theory, sight reading, discovery of new repertoires.

At first, students follow progressives piano methods, and may enlarge the styles of repertoire at a higher levee, after once basics are acquired.

Music theory may be learned during the instrumental classes or can be learned additionally.

Lessons can be offered at students’ home. They can be offered once or twice a week, depending on your pace and goals. Pleasure in music is stimulated by progression, which relies on practice consistency.

Studying an instrument requires therefore a serious personal involvement (from the chidden, from their parents, and from any student).

The program is offered in french or in english.