• Introduction :

Solfege, music theory, sight reading, and piano lessons are available for children and adults of all levels. Interested by students who wish to start or pursue piano playing, Angelique Bernard adapts her teaching to their personality or desire, while leading them to their best ; The lessons can be taken in the south of Paris or its southern suburbs (92). It is possible to be trained for exams or auditions. Above all, the lessons offer a friendly and lively atmosphere.

  • Piano Lessons :

Initiation : Children can start piano around 5 or 6 years old. They are initiated to the basic technic of piano and relaxation linked to it, through playful compositions. Notions of music theory and sight reading are also introduced.

intermediate level : Students can take one lesson per week (or two to deepen the music theory knowledge). The courses help students to discover a variety of compositions, and to develop relaxed instrumental technic, and to strengthen their ability to read music ;

Advanced level : It can consist of preparing students to conservatory exams and auditions, or of helping a pianist to better himself. Angelique Bernard can also help students who are registered in a music school but need to be assisted in their weekly work.

Each lesson last 60 minutes.  A minimum of 15 minutes of daily practice is required from any students. Music is a way of life. It brings happiness in our lives. To practice or listen music brings interest and balance in our lives.

  • A long teaching experience allows me to adapt to the personality and desire of people, while leading them through an interesting musical path.
  • Music theory :
  • I teach to beginners and to people who already have basics.Music theory studying helps the instrumentalist or singer to progress in sight reading, and to analyze and understand music charts faster, et therefore to learn them faster.
    Therefore you will lean tunes at a faster and gratifying rate, thus enlarging and varying your repertory. You will find and bring more pleasure to you and the ones who listen to you.

    Collectives projects are challenging. To be a better sight reader helps the collective work in bands, orchestras, or choirs. it also helps your timing.

    The progressive and encouraging method includes gradual exercises, and encourage a daily practice, essential for progress.

    Pleasure in music is inspiring. It is stimulated by progress, relying itself on consistency.

    Studying and learning music is a very inspiring challenge to all of us.

    Music theory can be taught during the instrumental lesson or additionally. It greatly helps the instrumentalist, singer, and danser.

    The program is offered in french or in english.