Music Theory

I teach to beginners and to people who already have basics.

Music theory studying allows the instrumentalist or singer to progress in sight reading. It also helps him to analyze, understand, and therefore learn music charts faster.
Hence, you will learn tunes at a faster and gratifying rate, thus enlarging and varying your repertory. You will find and bring more pleasure to you and the ones who listen to you.

Collectives projects are challenging. To be a better sight reader helps the collective work in bands, orchestras, or choirs. it also helps student’s timing.

The progressive method includes gradual exercises, and encourage a daily practice, essential for progress.

Pleasure in music is very inspiring. It is stimulated by progress, which relies on consistency.

Studying and learning music is a very challenging experience.

Music theory can be taught during the instrumental lesson or additionally. It greatly helps the instrumentalist, singer, and dancer.

The program is offered in french or in english.